Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thanks for d.i.n.n.e.r

Photo from my humble camera..

Special dinner held by Public Gold at VIP Restaurant in Cinta Sayang Golf Resort, Sungai Petani KEDAH on 8 April 2011, ( last Friday). It's done mainly to celebrate their potential dealers for 2011. And, I’m one of them was invited for the dinner. So, there's a chance for me to know Public Gold founder Mr Louis Ng very humble rich man quite closely, as I knew him through media, TV, magazine and newspaper before. Chatting to him, doesn’t make me feel like talking to somebody great, rich or famous one…

With Mr Louis Ng (Public Gold Founder)

Glad to share his point of view about gold and silver investment:

“Two things that you can turn to are gold and silver. When people face realization soon or later, they will queueing up in front of my office. It’s queue where you see the start and not the end. Therefore the sooner you convert your paper money, the better or ultimately get less for your investment”

Extracts: MIM, January – March 2011 VOL. 46.1

He shows us a right way to solid and sound for the  future and  promising investment!

So, WHY WAIT? Make a Move!!!!!

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